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What to expect when you are expecting,…your first massage!

Yes, you will strip down and get naked (well at least partially) in front of a complete stranger! Yes, they will know you in ways, no one has EVER known you before! Freaked out? Worried? Self-conscious? All expected but not necessary!

And now that that is out of the way, lets chat a little about what to expect when you have your first ever massage! Different therapists and spas have their own unique way of their massage process but there are a few rules that are widely accepted as the norm!

If you have never had a massage before, the thought of having a stranger performing a treatment on you can be very daunting. We’re here to demystify the process around your first massage so that you are comfortable and know what to expect during your treatment. Since COVID19, the spa and world of massage has changed a little but not enough to take the joy out of your massage experience.

Consultation Process

Our Tumi Wellness experience currently begins with consultation that includes filling out a quick questionnaire as part of a COVID19 pre-booking consultation. Coughing and sneezing has never been so terrifying but these are strange times we live in, and we need to be sure that both therapist and clients are healthy enough to keep each other safe! In preparation for your massage booking, our therapists arrive approximately 20-30mins before the booked time, as we require extra time to setup and disinfect all the equipment and linen again and make sure you have tested each other’s temperature with the no contact infra-red thermometer we provide.

Before you start, the therapist will provide you with a consultation form which you are required to fill out, so as to give the therapist background on your medical history that may affect your receiving a massage. This is a critical step as the therapist needs to know whether you can receive the massage without causing any medical repercussions. A typical and “extreme” example would be a client with thrombosis also known as “blood clots”. By getting a massage, the clot may be dislodged and it could be sent through to the lungs via the body’s circulation system and that could cause a pulmonary embolism, which could be a life threatening condition! So in summary, share all information that may be relevant with the therapist for your own safety!

Let’s talk about your treatment

In preparation for your massage, it is good etiquette to shower immediately before the therapist begins the treatment. It is also a good idea to use the bathroom prior to the session, so you don’t miss out on enjoyable massage time. After you are clean and ready, your therapist will explain in more detail about the treatment you are going to receive as well as show you how to get on to the massage bed. Sometimes, based on your consultation, the therapist may recommend a different treatment, that would suit your needs better. Once you are clear on what to expect, she will leave the room to allow you to undress (with your underpants on) and get into the bed. As a rule of thumb, most massages are generally done in silence, with the exception of your chosen music genre, playing in the background to encourage your relaxation. It is important however, that you communicate with your therapist to tell her whether the pressure is to your expectation. Let the massage experience begin!

Depending on the treatment you are receiving, your therapist will begin your treatment with you lying on either your back facing upwards, or on your stomach facing downwards. Throughout your entire treatment, you are fully covered with linen and towels. Your therapist will uncover the section she is massaging and cover you again before she moves on. In the cooler months of the year, you will enjoy the warmth of a toasty electric blanket on the bed. The variations of movement in massage therapy are several, with each therapist having their own unique style of administering their massages. So will they get to know your body with all its crooks and crannies? Definitely! And you will love them for it!

After the massage

Once your treatment is over, your therapist will step out and allow you to rest for a few mins. Many a time, we have had clients fall asleep and snore, during treatments, so your therapist will allow a few minutes for this, if there is no appointment after yours. Once this is over, she will wake you and step out to allow you to get dressed. The best part of the Tumi Wellness experience, is you can go straight from our massage bed, into your own comfy bed! Whether you choose to shower afterwards to remove the oil, is a matter of preference! Most therapists would encourage you to keep the oil on, especially after an Aromatherapy massage, so you can enjoy the benefits of the essential oils for longer.

Post Massage Consultation

After your treatment, it is encouraged that you drink plenty water and your therapist will ask you how you feel and will make recommendations for a future treatment based on you and your massage needs. She will also give you home care advice you can do on your own at home like exercise, using a heating or cooling pad, or, considering a change of cosmetics to better suit your skin type! You can round up the experience by booking for your next massage appointment, as you add it to your regular wellness regime!

That’s it! Sounds amazing doesn’t it?! Massage is an incredible tool for stress relief and relaxation. But don’t take our word for it, book a treatment today and experience it for yourself!

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