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Tumi Wellness is a genuine oasis in the middle of the city that combines relaxing water procedures, beauty and wellness services, and sports.

Trish Moeketsi


Lydiah Mangure

Admin Manager

“I must say the therapist was AMAZING! She was thorough and professional. The set up and ambiance were all spot on. I'm recommending you to my friends & family.”


Swedish Massage

Our Reviews.

Boyani M
Boyani M
Nancy & Liz did a great job!
Mercy Wambua
Mercy Wambua
Nancy was super professional and I really loved how I felt after my massage. Highly recommend!
Ian Otieno
Ian Otieno
The team at Tumi is very professional, and they offer amazing services at the comfort of your own home. I would definitely recommend them.
Fiona A
Fiona A
The ease in booking the session & keeping time blew my mind then came the massage for someone that struggles with shutting their mind the masseuse had me nodding off and the massage was just what I needed. Give them all your money (I had an in house service)
wendy ojiro
wendy ojiro
I did aroma therapy massage and would definetly reccomend. The proffesionalism,punctuality,communication and skill was all 5 star. Esther was my masseuse and she was brilliant. I am definetly coming back to Tumi again and again
rachel temoi
rachel temoi
Great packages and great service from a professional team!
Totally enjoyed the whole experience. A spa atmosphere is created right at the comfort of your home...there's no better way to pamper yourself or treat a loved one! Very professional staff and great customer service. Tumi wellness comes highly recommended!
Yolanda Chilimanzi
Yolanda Chilimanzi
I have a hectic job and barely have the time to take care of me. A friend recommended Tumi Wellness and I found it lifechanging. Not only were the therapists flexible in terms of the time they came for my treatments, I also did not have to leave the house and go through traffic to get some much needed pampering. I had a Swedish massage and pedicure, after the treatment I felt so relaxed and the beauty of being able to take a nap in my own bed after such a relaxing massage is unmatched!

Our Spa History.

  1. Our Great Opening

    The start of our spa services in Nairobi Kenya

  2. Coping with covid

    In 2021, we adapted to the pandemic by enforcing strict sanitation protocols, transitioning to a remote model, and introducing virtual consultations. Despite challenges, we ensured our clients could safely enjoy our premium spa services at home, staying true to our mission of delivering relaxation and vitality.

  3. New Experiences

    In 2022, we expanded our horizons by introducing new services and experiences. We broadened our treatment portfolio, incorporating innovative therapies and wellness practices. We also launched immersive experiences, blending relaxation with technology for a unique spa journey. Our commitment to enhancing relaxation and vitality remained unwavering, as we continued to bring premium spa services directly to our clients' homes.

  4. Now

    Looking ahead to 2024, we envision a future where we continue to innovate and elevate our services. We aim to incorporate the latest wellness trends and technologies, and further personalize our offerings to meet our clients' unique needs. As we navigate the future, our commitment to delivering relaxation and vitality through our premium at-home spa services remains our guiding principle.

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