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Tips to get your self-care in, on a budget!

Over the last few months, like most people, it’s been quite a roller coaster ride trying to decide on which toilet paper or cooking oil to buy with the drastic increase in prices. Have you ever had that moment when you join the “less than 10 items” queue in the supermarket, then you nearly pass out when you see how your “few things” have ended up being waaaaaaay more expensive than you anticipated???

Like most people, I too have times when the math is not mathing, but I still need to find ways to fit in some type of self-care! I have a few creative tips to help you get your self-care in, without having to break the bank!

1) Meditation

Take time out every day to meditate. In a world filled with so many distractions, taking a few minutes every day to sit in silence is extremely helpful. If silence bothers you, I would like to recommend using an aide such as the OM Sound on Youtube. It’s one of my favorites and it really helps me calm down. Prayer is also another way to meditate. Perhaps taking more time to listen than to speak! If you can do all this outdoors, and amongst nature…….you will enjoy the experience, all the way more.

2) Exercise

The sun is back out, and I know I have packed on a few extra kilos after the eating and lack of exercise that we love to blame on the cold weather! I mean, I love a hearty meal as much as the next person, but there comes a time (or age) when the kilos simply don’t disappear as quickly as they used to! This by all means is the cheapest and most rewarding self-care tip, that’s going to get those endorphins going! I am not banishing anyone to a 3 day hike, we can start slow…..with walking. Again, if you can do this, surrounded by nature, it’s a lot more rewarding!

3) Decluttering

“Clutter is not just the stuff on your floor – it’s anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living.” – Peter Walsh

I sometimes get into a decluttering frenzy that often gives everyone around me extra work they didn’t see coming! It always starts with sorting out one little thing and then it spirals! There’s something about decluttering in all its forms that brings about a sense of calm, creativity and accomplishment! Be warned, do not attempt this half-heartedly, you have to be all in!

4) Give yourself a home spa treat

I would like to think that when you hear the words home spa, Tumi Wellness is what comes to mind, but we know sometimes, it just doesn’t work out! There are days when some R&R is all you need, and you can make it happen by stocking up on a few items like: candles to set the mood, some essential oils (we have a promo) to add to your bath water or foot soak spa, an over the counter face mask from a brand you believe in, herbal tea, and some smoothing nature sound, spa music. Top your experience off by buying yourself, some high quality towels and a bathrobe!

5) Group Massages

Sometimes, you just need a good and thorough massage! Did you know that Tumi Wellness offers group massages from Ksh 2500 for a minimum of 4 pax?? Sometimes, it’s the stiff neck or shoulders that need a little loosening up, and a quick 30min touch up is all you need! We are ready to come to you, and we offer express 10min corporate massages as well, perfect for employee or team appreciation and Christmas Parties! Get in touch to find out more!

I hope these tips will spark a fire in you, to make the most, with little, and put your self-care, back to the top of the list!

The team and I would like wish you all a fantastic Customer Service Week! We appreciate your support, more than words can say, and we thank you, for voting us in, to become Spa of Year 2022 for Sub-Saharan Africa at the Africa Spa Awards! Thank you….

Warmest regards,



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