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Sometimes, you just have to laugh at yourself when things happen. Yesterday I found myself in an unexpected interview for a role I thought I had already been offered. So here I am, dressed in casual wear, no makeup – I had put eyeliner at least, so I wasn’t looking like an eyeless ghost and my hair in a ponytail.

It all started off well, with pleasantries and then before I knew it, what I thought was a casual chat, ended up being a lot more serious than I had anticipated! As things kept getting more and more serious, there were only two things I could do. Either, buckle down, get into nervous mode and start formulating intelligent and curated answers so that I sound as “put together” as one should be in an interview or do the one thing, most of us women are discouraged from doing, which is, speaking from the heart. It was way too deep into the conversation to start feigning WIFI and internet delays so I could work on my “putting myself together” voice and attitude. That left me with the only other option on the table – speak from the heart.

This is the part where I now tell you, that my speaking from the heart, worked and now I have been given an offer. But alas……this will only be known in a couple of weeks. This aside, the interview, a discussion I had with my sister on her next career moves and the book I am currently reading – Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso got me really thinking about something we have all likely heard but possibly never internalized. “Focus on your strengths, and not your weaknesses”.

Thankfully, perfection in a human being is impossible, so that makes it a little easier when it comes to accepting that we all have strengths and weaknesses. If you really want to get a deeper understanding of what yours are, cut the BS and do some serious introspection. After you have dug deep, it doesn’t hurt asking a few close friends and family to give you their perspective of what they think are your strengths and weaknesses are. Once you have a better understanding of that, then comes the exciting part……liberating yourself of the burden of focusing on your weaknesses, and making the swap to what you really excel in.

One of my strengths is that I express myself better in written word than verbally…..and because I am going to take my own advice, this is my quirky way of sharing that I am now back to blogging! I have something to share, something I think could be helpful to a few people out there, therefore, instead of talking more, I will write more and play to my strengths of written word! What will I write about you wonder……?? I wonder too!

If you are wondering what else is my strength, check out my company website and you tell me! www.tumiwellness.com

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