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Sisterhood Series: 10 tips to get over heartbreak

Article written by Kelly Mataure & The Sisterhood Sisters – Tumi Wellness Zimbabwe

There’s nothing like the crushing blow of being heartbroken. The crippling chest pains make it hard to breathe and it feels like your entire world is crumbling around you. Everyone gets heartbroken at one point or another and coping with the heartache can be challenging.

To help you or someone you know through a difficult time, we welcome you to, The Sisterhood Series! The Sisterhood Series is about sisters helping sisters get through the ups and downs of womanhood! To kick off the series, we have compiled our 10 best tried and tested tips to overcome heartbreak! Enjoy!

1. Cry it out. Feel all the feels! Your emotions are justified and you are allowed to have a pity party and wallow in your sadness. It’s perfectly healthy and normal to mourn your relationship and what could have been. The best way past it, is through it.

2. Talk about it with someone. Bottling up the pain doesn’t do you any good. Sometimes a listening ear and a good cup of tea are exactly what you need to help you deal with everything you’re going through.

3. Write him a letter that you will never actually send. This helps you put your pain into words and allows you to vent with no consequences about how he will take it.

4. Deleting and blocking his number, social media and friends. Nothing makes you backslide more than seeing him all over your Instagram. You don’t need anything to trigger you and get your spiralling into that black hole again.

5. Don’t seek closure. Closure is overrated. You very rarely get the kind of response that you expect and there’s likely nothing your ex can say that will make you feel better. Cut your losses and let it go.

6. A good old fashioned girls’ night out! There is absolutely nothing like quality time with your best girlfriends and a cocktail to get you in fits of laughter and feeling like your old self again. A great support system goes a long way.

7. Take on a new hobby! Keep yourself busy, and while you’re at it, learn something new! Pottery, painting, Karate, anything that can occupy your time and grow you at the same time.

8. Journaling. Alongside writing a letter, document your experiences in the relationship. One day you’ll look back and see the relationship with clarity and realise it probably wasn’t as amazing as you thought it was. Hindsight is 20/20 after all.

9. Glamourize! Kick off your glam session with some self-love and pampering! Enjoy a relaxing bath and massage to release the tension then get yourself ready with some girl power music. Get your make up done, get dressed up and look sexy! Remind yourself that you’ve still got it! Nothing can do wonders for your self-esteem and confidence like looking like the powerful vixen that you are.

10. Start dating again. Getting into another relationship is likely the last thing on your mind, but there’s no harm in keeping your options open and seeing what’s out there. If nothing else, find a distraction who can take your mind off your ex. Those few hours of not having him constantly on your mind can do wonders.

No matter how your relationship came to an end, just remember your mental health is critical. It may not feel that way right now, but getting out of a toxic and damaging relationship is one of the biggest forms of self-care you can ever do. Your worth is not determined in relation to him, it’s ultimately determined by how you see yourself, and that’s the point of view that matters the most.

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