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Money Matters 001 – “It’s all about the money honey!”

A few articles ago, we spoke about making incremental upgrades to our lives. If you haven’t read that article, make sure to read it here before going through this one!

I would like to shake things up and talk about MONEY! Money holds a special place in our lives whether we recognize It or not! We have all heard the different phrases, “Money makes the word go round”, “Money is not everything”, “It’s all about the money honey!” and the list goes on and on! Money can bring both joy and misery, be it the abundance of it or the lack of it. It is at this point that I would like to add the disclaimer that I am by no means a financial adviser or a guru on all things money. Just like you, I am a contributor to the conversation! Financial and moral literacy aside, here is my take on Money.

It’s about abundance, gratitude and detachment!

For as long as I can remember, money has played a big role in my life. More specifically, a good part of the last 10 years has been a quest of finding it, making it, and watching it disappear! It is only this year, as I read the books by Money Mindset Mentor Denise Duffield-Thomas, that I came to understand why this quest for money was so important to me! Turns out, in my case, it’s not actually about the money as a goal, but money as a tool to help me attain the things that are important to me. High on the list is, the security that comes with having money.

There were times in the not so long past, that not having money would literally make me feel sick. Sick as in, I would fall into a mini depressive state that involved bashing myself mentally about what a disappointment I was, about how “poor” I was and about how my parents clearly got a poor return on investment on my education. I would call my close friends and family and force them to participate in my pity party. Not having money or rather, having a poor money mindset also had me having a shrewd borderline bitchy approach to spending money.

Yes friends, if given the chance, I would be that friend at the end of the lunch, sitting with the bill, pen and calculator, dividing that bill and sending the bill of the extra bottle of still water, to the person who dared to go beyond the pre-discussed budget. I was that person who would get passive aggressively upset when the suggestion to split the bill evenly comes up after I made an extra effort to eat at home, so I could nurse my one drink or coffee throughout the get together.

The list of all the crazy things I did to “not spend” or “to cut down” on budget is endless and extremely embarrassing. Despite all that effort though, the vicious cycle of being broke seemed endless. What I have come to realize now, is that my poor purse was a result of a poor money mindset that focused more on scarcity than abundance. My mind was so focused on not having, than on having. My mind was so focused on surviving than thriving. I had a very unhealthy attachment to money as a symbol of success. As I dug deeper and deeper into the journey of understanding my relationship with money, it became clear that I had to make some changes! The changes I made, were small but very symbolic! Check out our next blog post to learn about the changes I have made!

If you would like to take the journey of upgrading your money mindset, I highly recommend all 3 books written by Denise Duffield-Thomas. The audiobooks can be found on Amazon!

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