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Looking back, I think the peak of my anxiety kicked in the moment I became a mum as if it wasn’t already bad enough having sleepless nights about the future 🥺. Some anxiety is rational, and some is not…who am I to judge?!

There are many things that can add to one’s anxiety. Here are a few surprising ones :

🌿Caffeine! Personally, filter coffee tops the list. You really dont want to know what Energy Drinks do to me! This is a simple one. Try cutting down the amount of caffeine you consume and consider switching to calming beverages like chamomile tea.

🌿Untidy surroundings! Messy house? Messy car? Some people, me included, find untidy surroundings very unsettling. It’s a major trigger, possibly exacerbated when you have no control of the environment. Where possible….regular clean ups of the areas around you can be very helpful in bringing you relief.

🌿Lack of Sleep! Not only does it impair memory, but it can really do a number on your decision-making skills and paranoia. There’s a reason why people often suggest you “sleep on it” when it comes to important decisions. Having a regular, effective sleep routine helps keep anxiety in check.

🌿Self-care neglect! The hobo look is only cute when it’s intentional. Spending your days unbathed, skipping meals, and not seeking medical attention when needed can really do a number on your anxiety levels. Be it high heels, a power suit, or some spa R&R… taking care of yourself and looking and feeling good pumps your body full of endorphins that help curb your anxiety.

🌿Stress. Stress and anxiety often go hand in hand, and stress is a more challenging one to address. Finding ways to manage your stress both mentally and physically is paramount to managing your anxiety.

I know some of these things seem easier said than done, but don’t worry. I am here to support you every step of the way. Tumi Wellness offers coaching and counselling services to help you get the results you need!

Reach out to us for more information on our well-being offering!

– Coach Trish Tumi

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